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Simple Gallery module, iteration 3

Simga is my image handling module.
Capable to handle common image types (upload, generate thumb, save originals for download, generat codes for various usage, like sliders).

It manages a Gallery, where every Folder is an Album! So its like a Folder based Database.
Folders can be uploaded/modifyed via FTP, so it is very handy.
A Reprocess-Album-Folder function is on the Control Panel / of cost!

Easy to use: SIMGA looks for, regenerates all data neccessary. Automatically hides empty albums from public, etc.


  • Gallery Browser
  • Album Viewer
  • Admin Panel
    • add/remove images, albums
    • alter names, descriptions
    • alter album type [album, folder only, hidden]
  • text file "databases" = if .TXT exists read data, else generate
  • generate code for Javascript effects
  • JQuery event handlers
    • resize, center Thumbs on page load / window resize
    • resize shown images on window resize
    • slide through images
  • Generates HTML code: Layers, Overlays, etc...
  • Design time customization via Global PHP variables / function parameters / CSS


  • PHP 5.3.1 <
  • JQuery 1.8 <
  • HTML5




Simple Time Card - project+time tracker

STC2 is the newest member of my Time-Tracker, Project Management web-apps.


My first encounter with ERM (Enterprise Resource Management/Planning) was @ one of my former employer.
We built and sold our HR and Project tracking solution. I was the Digital-Artist of the project. I Had many-many unimplemented ideas.
So, later i choosed to develop a project-management app for my exam - PIIDIV demo app was born.

It was a very sophisticated, large and beautiful app. (Flash UI, state of the art UXP, scalable, partitionable)

After my exam, i wrote STC (STC1) in 3 days. A "one-file", one-page todo/timer/calculator; with only 2 levels of organization complexity: Projects/Tasks, or Groups/Items.
For most of my projects, i still do not need more...

Later at a flexographic studio, as head-of-department, i wrote a "bigger" STC, for multiple users, multiple customers, multiple cliche makers; with filterable+colorable listviews, archiving-, invoice-aiding module; per customer settings and defaults for worksheets; iteration handling; etc...

Now i had time to combine from the above, a best-of-app; enchanced with fluid-css, tree(like) views - still simple to use in every days tasks. Finally i wrote a calendar script, so now i have an adaptive calendar. It is in current form not recommended for public release. I improve it, slowly, as i need it.